Moin moin, I'm Yannik, 27 years old and from Cuxhaven. I spent most of my life there until I moved to Hamburg in 2014. There I worked until the end of 2017 as a media designer. Now it is time to realize my dreams. I've always wanted to see more of the world, travel to other countries and meet new people.


My trip begins in Australia, on 08.01.2018 is departure. During my trip I keep you up to date on my blog. I'll talk about my experiences, people I meet on my trip, and useful tips if you're planning a trip. You can always contact me via the contact form, ask me questions, or submit suggestions for my episode "Heroes of the World". If you want to help me out on my trip, you can support me anytime by buying my t-shirts. Thank you very much for any support ;)

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